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For me personally, I have used adhesive mounts on all of my helmets, an egg timer for time lapses, my waterski and my wakeboard. Almost makes me want to trek back over to my local Best Buy ' I was recently there checking out those amazing 4K televisions ' and wander around the store with a new Go - Pro on my head. Polar Pro red filter will make the color of underwater video much more vibrant. 投稿者:Odessa 投稿日:2016/05/06(Fri) 14:21  No.169771  Mail Home   [返信]
The Go - Pro Vented Helmet Strap Mount is a popular choice with snowboarders due to its ease of use and relatively small price tag. Entering into the strategic planning process can seem daunting, but if it is done and managed well it can be surprisingly straightforward. However, road riders will typically wear a wear a full face helmet with a built in visor, in which case a curved adhesive mount may be the most appropriate mounting option.

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